Because your time is precious we bring osteopathy to you
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In-home Osteopathy

You want to spend more time golfing but you need to leave to go to your osteopathic appointment?  With the traffic everybody know it can takes forever! Stay a little bit longer on the field while Osteo2go – osteopathy King is coming to your place.

We provide in-home osteopathic treatment to King community. We offers flexible option to fit your busy schedule and health goal.

Our Osteo2go staff provides high quality osteopathic care for babies, kids, pregnant women, adults, elderly and athletes. A back pain or just a check up, Osteo2go will come to you to meet your health needs. All our osteopaths are registered and constantly looking to learn new skills to answer at 100% your needs and expectation

So don’t stress, stay home we are coming to you.

Why choose Osteo2go King

We offer flexible scheduling option

Our osteopathic staff are highly trained and registered therapist

We offer a live chat option so we are always available to help

Enjoy your treatment in the comfort of your home

Enjoy all the benefit of your treatment without having to drive back home after your session. You are already in your sofa, just relax!

Osteo2go provides high quality osteopathy in the following areas:


And more!

Osteo2go provides different services and packages to fit every client's individual needs.

Customer Review

Aude is kind, caring, professional and gets great results. I had been experiencing tightness in my lower back and neck and she helped with both. Aude treated both me and my baby son (15 months old). He was very cooperative with her and almost fell asleep during the treatment! I highly recommend Aude.


If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to book an appointment for osteopathy in King, we would love to hear from you.
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